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FluoroKennel was designed to facilitate radiographic testing of companion animals, such as cats and dogs, with suspected swallowing/aerodigestive disorders.   

FluoroKennel is uniquely designed to allow companion animals to free feed while standing in a calm and steady position for examination and diagnostic imaging. 

FluoroKennel is made of Lexan polycarbonate with stainless steel and plastic hardware.

A United States patent (No. 9,107,385) was granted to the University of Missouri on August 18, 2016 for Dr. Teresa Lever’s K9 Observation Kennel (now referred to as FluoroKennel).  Since the initial patent and design was completed, upgrades to the kennels have been implemented and are being tested and refined today.

FluoroKennel has been tested and used for radiographic diagnostics with companion animals for several years.  Best practices have been developed for cleaning and maintenance to ensure that units remain in good condition for years to come.

FluoroKennel is available by request. Get in touch with us!

We will help answer any questions you might have, along with giving you availability, pricing and our shipping process. 

FluoroKennel comes in 3 standard sizes, and in addition we can customize dimensions to your needs. So if one of the sizes doesn’t fit, please reach out and we can help fabricate something that meets your needs.



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